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General instructions for applicants (Gateway)

Before you begin work, please read through these general instructions.

  • Click here to watch a webinar that explains the various steps of the application.

The Gateway to Prep Schools contains six sections, each designated by the following navigation items:


Reviews all the requirements you must fulfill after submitting the Candidate Profile. This important feature allows you to keep track of all parts of your application to each of your schools, including whether or not fees have been paid to schools that accept online payments.

My Schools:

This section is where you choose the schools to which you wish to apply.

Part 1: Candidate Profile:

The Candidate Profile is the primary common form accepted by all participating schools. This form gives schools a basic sense of who you are, what you have done and where you have been. "Who, What, and Where" are the focus of the Candidate Profile.


NOTE: This section will be unavailable until Part 1 has been submitted.

Provides access to online payment links, which allow you to submit your application fees to selected schools online. Many schools accept online payment through the Gateway to Prep Schools. This is the simplest and most secure method of paying your application fees. After submitting, you will instantly be taken to a confirmation page verifying that schools have received your payment.

Part 2: Essays:

NOTE: This section will be unavailable until Part 1 and Payment (if the school accepts online payment through the Gateway to Prep Schools) has been submitted.

The more interesting questions of "How" and "Why" appear in each school's Essay and Short Answer section, commonly thought of as Part Two of the application. Typically, each school designs its own questions based on what they value and seek in candidates for admission. You may access schools' essay and short answer sections through this section. Some schools require a Parent Statement which is also included in this section.

Part 3: Recommendations:

Typically schools require a Transcript Report, Principal/Counselor Recommendation, English Teacher Recommendation and Math Teacher Recommendation, but each school varies. On this page you will find links to request the recommendation forms that each school requires. You will need the name and email address of your recommenders in order to request these forms.

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