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General instructions for applicants (UCA)

Before you begin the online admissions process, please read the instructions below. The Universal College Application Online contains 6 sections:


The Checklist provides the real time submission status of your applications, supplements, additional forms, and payment if your selected college(s) accept online payment through the Universal College Application.

The controls available on the Checklist page are also available on each of the Application pages listed below.

My Colleges:

The My Colleges page allows you to browse through all the UCA member colleges by term, application type, and decision plan. You can also learn more about each college by clicking on the 'i' next to their name. There, you can find:

  • Contact Information
  • Application Requirements
  • Essay Requirement
  • Required Tests
  • Privacy Policy


The Application page contains the Application forms required by the colleges you have added on your My Colleges page. Clicking 'Start New' will start a version of the application form for every college you have added. If you wish to submit a different version of the form to a particular college, you can click the Unlink button to separate that application copy.

First Year Applicants will complete the First Year Admissions Application. Transfer Applicants will complete the Transfer Admissions Application.

Some colleges require the "Personal Statement" or essay portion of these forms. To see if a college requires the essay, click the 'i' next to their name on the My Colleges page.


The Supplements page contains all the supplemental forms required by the colleges that you have added on your My Colleges page. Please note that not every college will require a Supplement.

School Forms:

The School Forms page contains all the recommendation and report forms required by the colleges that you have added on your My Colleges page. Please note that each college may require different School Forms and some may not require any at all.

First Year Applicants will be able to request the Instructor Recommendation, School Report, Midyear Report, and the Final Report as well as the Early Decision Agreement when applicable. Transfer Applicants will be able to request to the College/University Official's Report and Professor Recommendation.

To request your teacher, professor, counselor, or college official to complete these forms, use the 'Request' button and enter their name and email. This page and the Checklist will update automatically as the forms are completed.


The Payment page provides access to online payment links, fee waivers, and check forms for those colleges that require an application fee. If a college accepts online payment through the UCA, this is the simplest and most secure method of paying your application fee.

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