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Fee Waivers (Gateway Admins)

In Gateway, the Fee Waiver Form is not a Fee Waiver itself, but a form through which the applicant/family states they have already been granted one by your school. The instructions in the Fee Waiver Form tell the applicant/family they must contact your office in order to request a fee waiver before they can complete the form.

The applicant will need the name of the staff member at your school who granted the fee waiver and the date it was granted in order to submit the form. You can include a fee waiver code, required or optional.


1. An applicant contacts you for a fee waiver.

2. You grant it.

3. The applicant logs into their Gateway account and, if their Part 1 is submitted, accesses the Fee Waiver Form in the payment section.

4. The applicant enters in the name of the granter of the waiver and the date it was granted, and the waiver code they were given (if any).

5. The applicant submits the Fee Waiver Form and moves on to Part 2.

Fee Waiver data is exportable in CSV format.

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